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APL-UW has produced a video with Harry Stern and his research of the Arctic ice edge that incorporated logs and maps of Captain James Cook’s polar expedition among other early explorers.

Popular Science reported on Harry Stern’s research paper which analyzed observations recorded by the earliest explorers of the Northwest Passage in correlation to the current trend in sea ice.

The Seattle Times covered Harry Stern’s research study which tracked changes along the Arctic ice edge combining modern technology and historical records such as maps and logs from Captain James Cook’s 18th-century voyage.

In search of the Northwest Passage, Captain James Cook was the first to actually probe and chart the ice edge north of Bering Strait. Polar Geography has published Harry Stern’s research of Cook’s exploration of the Arctic and how other expeditions fared in comparison, resulting in a history of sea-ice observations from Cook’s time to the present.

Harry Stern sits down with UW Today to discuss his research which involved accounts from early explorers to study the Arctic Ocean.

Harry Stern served as a respondent at the International Policy Institute (IPI) Arctic Fellows Research Symposium which took place on Friday, December 9 at the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies on campus. The theme of the symposium was Arctic Indigenous Economies in Inuit Nunangat (Canada) and the Circumpolar World.

Stern, Harry L., Polar maps: Captain Cook and the earliest historical charts of the ice edge in the Chukchi Sea. Polar Geography, 39 (4), 220-227,, 2016.