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PIOMAS Arctic Sea Ice Volume and excerpts from an interview with Axel Schweiger are covered in Science News. Click to  read full story

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Recent research by Kristin Laidre and Harry Stern on the impacts of climate change on Arctic narwhals is published in Polar Biology.  See the article in Conservation Magazine.

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Polar Science Center investigator Kristin Laidre was recently featured in an online article on the Pacific Science Center’s website.  This article about her work with narwhals was based on her recent “Science Cafe” presentation in Kirkland.  The whole presentation entitled “Uncovering the Mysteries of the Narwhal” is on-line here.

Polar Science Center investigator Ian Joughin and Richard B. Alley of the Department of Geosciences at Pennsylvania State University were recently published in the journal Nature Geoscience.  Their article discusses the possibility of a large contribution to rising sea levels due to the melting of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet by global warming.  The full article is available here.

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Polar Science Weekend is four days of hands-on activities, live demonstrations and exhibits presented by scientists who work in some of the most remote and challenging places on earth.  Polar Science Weekend is supported by a generous grant from NASA.

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PSC graduate student Cecilia Peralta Ferriz was awarded the Best Student Poster prize at the Gordon Research Conference for Polar Marine Science on March 24, 2011.

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Our recent paper talking about the uncertainty in Arctic Sea Ice Volume is covered in Science News. Click to read full story

The Guardian cites PIOMAS sea ice volume in the context of a new sea ice minimum reached according to data from the University of Bremen. Click here for full story.

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Woodgate, R.A, Arctic Ocean Circulation – going around at the Top of the World, invited paper for Nature Education Knowledge Project, June 2011.