October 20, 2017

  GFS Forecast: analysis time: 12Z 2017-10-16 :: valid time: 22Z 2017-10-20

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Sea ice contours: 15% (blue), 50% (black), 90% (red)

2-m temperature contour: -1.8 °C

U/V transect contour: 0 m/s 

Update [15:30PM, Wed. Oct. 18, 2017 PST]: 58-hour forecast. Ice edge at 75 °N now. Northeasterly winds around 15 m/s. Cold and cloudy. Surface temperature around -2 °C or below. Might have some slush north of 73 °N.

Update [10:30AM, Tue. Oct. 17, 2017 PST]: 82-hour forecast. 

Update [10:30AM, Mon. Oct. 16, 2017 PST]: 106-hour forecast. Sea ice edge at 76 °N. Cold and moist. Cloudy from 70 to 76 °N, with base below 500 m. A Low level wind northeasterly jet of up to 20 m/s centered at 75 °N at 700 m. At 3000 m, V-wind is around 5 m/s and may help with flight range. Near surface, relative humidity is above 90% with temperature below -2 °C.

Update [11:30AM, Mon. Oct. 9, 2017 PST]: 276-hour forecast. Sea ice edge at 77 °N. Cold, moist, and cloudy. Northwesterly winds from a weak long to the northwest. Cloud at 1.7 km from 72 to 74 °N and at 1 km at 76 °N. 

  • Pan-Arctic maps

Sea ice concentration at analysis time

Mean sea leve pressure at valid time

700 hPa Geopotential Height

700 hPa temperature

700 hPa relative humidity

700 hPa wind speed

Pressure on 2PVU surface

Pressure on 2PVU surface

Low-level cloud cover

Mid-level cloud cover


  • Beaufort and Chukchi seasonal ice zone (the map is centered at 150 °W)

Sea ice concentration at analysis time

Mean sea leve pressure at valid time

2-m air temperature

2-m relative humidty

low cloud fraction

middle cloud fraction


  • Transects along 150 °W

  • Flight conditions at different altitudes along 150 °W