Field Reports

SIZRS Season 2017 getting underway. First flight scheduled for Tuesday 6/13. Check back here for reports, images and preliminary analysis. Also visit our main page for more information on the SIZRS project. Follow SIZRS on Twitter @SIZRS_APL


Completed July  flight of.

Sea Ice Conditions:

Sea ice on 150W line reached further south than west and east of the 150W. Ice Edge at 72N  Substantial ponding is evident.


Deployed AXCTD/AXCPS at 72N, 73N, 74N, 75N, 76N.  Deployed UpTempo Buoy at 73N, 150W


As forecast Mostly clear conditions with a few. Slight surface based inversion about 4 Degrees above melting. Deployed 21 Dropsondes along transect from 72N to 76N.

Sea Ice In the Beaufort Sea from USCG C130 (Sarah Dewey)


Launch of UpTempo Buoy