MIZMAS is calibrated with all available in situ ice draft or ice thickness data over the period of 1975 through 2009. The data are compiled by Ron Lindsay into a unified easy to use format based on submarine and moored uplooking sonar observations and airborne electromagnetic measurements. Altogether, there are 3143 in situ data points. The locations of these data points are represented by black dots shown in the right panel. After the calibration, the model has a low mean bias (of 6 cm) and high model-data correlation, 0.80 (left panel). So the model captures 64% of the variance of all the available data. But most importantly, MIZMAS captures most of the ups and downs of the annual observation mean (middle panel), and the correlation between the annual model mean and the annual observation mean is 0.9, indicating that MIZMAS is able to capture 80% of the interannual variability of the observations.