Research symposium for International Policy Institute (IPI) Arctic Fellows, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies (Jackson School)


The International Policy Institute (IPI) Arctic Fellows Research Symposium took place on Friday, December 9, at the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies on campus.  Graduate students presented their research projects on Arctic indigenous economies.

The IPI is funded by a grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York aimed at improving the transfer of research and expertise between higher education and the policy world in the area of global affairs. One of the key pillars of IPI is to train students to engage more effectively with the international policy and decision-making community.

PSC’s Harry Stern  served as a respondent to one of the presentations titled “The More We Act, the More We Save our Global Air Conditioning — the Arctic” by Ndikumana Olivier, in which the presenter made a case for stronger decision-making authority for indigenous groups within the Arctic Council in the effort to combat global warming, which is happening twice as fast in the Arctic as the global average.  Mr. Stern asked the presenter several questions and provided written comments on the presenter’s research paper.