About Rebecca Woodgate

Rebecca WoodgateDr Woodgate is a physical oceanographer, specializing in polar research, especially the circulation of the Arctic Ocean, interactions between sea-ice and the ocean, and and the interdisciplinary role of the polar oceans in climate. Her research (see High Latitude Dynamics website) concentrates primarily on the collection and analysis of in-situ oceanographic data. She has worked for many years in the deployment and recovery of moored oceanographic instrumentation in ice-covered waters, and the analysis of both mooring and hydrographic data. She is involved in undergraduate and graduate education, including teaching University of Washington classes on the Changing Arctic Ocean. She has worked on British, German, Norwegian, American and Russian research vessels and led many Arctic oceanographic expeditions.

Her first degree is in Physics from the University of Cambridge, UK. Her PhD, from the University of Oxford, UK, is in Data Assimilation in Ocean models. Her postdoc work was done at the Alfred-Wegener Institute in Germany. In addition to her APL position, she is Affiliate Associate Professor WOT in the School of Oceanography.

Her research goals include understanding the disciplinary and interdisciplinary impacts of physical processes in both Arctic and Antarctic regions, and bridging the gap between theory, modeling and real observations of the oceans.

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