NPEO: 10 April 2015

Iridium call from Jamie Morison: Work planned for NPEO’s first full day at Barneo went well.   The WHOI team succeeded in deploying both the the Ice-Tethered Profiler (ITP) and the Autonomous Ocean Flux Buoy about 300 meters from camp, and will leave on the flight to Longyearbyen this evening.  In addition, Dean Stewart put together a successful deployment of the Ice Mass Balance (IMB) Buoy.  Jamie Morison flew to the Pole in an MI-8 helicopter and downloaded another year of data from the Arctic Bottom Pressure Recorder (ABPR), which may be nearing the end of its expected battery life, but seems to be going strong. Revised plans call for the Twin Otter to arrive from Eureka in Barneo Saturday evening to begin the hydro survey.