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Bonnie Light, PSC Chair,

The Polar Science Center,  40+ Years of Polar Research

Since its founding following the Arctic Ice Dynamics Experiment (AIDJEX) in 1976, the Polar Science Center has been at the forefront of Polar Research. We conduct Polar Research ranging from tracking microbes living in sea ice, to the massive ice sheets covering Greenland and Antarctica. Our research takes us into the field to collect data and into the lab where theoretical ideas are tested and samples are analyzed.  We study the Polar Regions from space by satellites  and we simulate the Polar World on computers. We build instruments that allow us to measure what we need to know but survive the harshest conditions. We study how sea ice physics interact with biology and how changes in sea ice conditions affect subsistence hunting.  We even study ice elsewhere in the solar system such on Mars or on the moons of Jupiter. The Polar Regions on Earth are undergoing massive changes and we see it our mission to advance and share our knowledge about these beautiful but vulnerable places. By understanding  the past we hope to better predict the future. We hope these web pages provide you with an overview of what we do, how we are doing it, and what we are finding out.

Donate to PSCThe Polar Science Center is funded through grants and contracts from federal and state agencies and private foundations. If you would like to support our research, education, and outreach activities through a personal gift, please talk to us or you can make a donation online.

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Bonnie Light