Knut Aagaard

Principal Oceanographer- Retiree

Professor Emeritus, Oceanography

Roger Andersen

Senior Mathematician

Taryn Black

Research Assistant

Yu-Chan Chao


Ben Cohen

Data Analyst

Aaron Donohoe

Senior Research Scientist

Tim Elam 

Senior Principal Physicist

Erica Escajeda

Research Assistant

Erin Firth

Research Scientist

John Guthrie

Senior Research Scientist

Jessica Hale

Research Assistant

Ben Hills

Research Assistant

 Gary A. Maykut passed peacefully at his home on March 10, 2023. Gary held the position of Research Professor in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington from the early 1970s until his retirement in 2004. Gary pioneered the numerical simulation of the Arctic surface energy budget, specifically quantifying the 1-D accounting of heat by the ice cover. Gary’s graduate work (1971) produced the highly-cited paper “Some results from a time-dependent thermodynamic model of sea ice.” This work laid the foundation for how modern global (and regional) climate models do the “accounting” of heat by the Arctic sea…

Norbert Untersteiner, founder and former director of the Polar Science Center, passed away on March 14, 2012 at the age of 86. Norbert was the director of the Polar Science Center from 1981-1988 when he became chairman of Atmospheric Sciences at UW. A Memorial Celebration of Norbert’s life will be held on the UW campus at the University Club (the former Faculty Club) on Friday, April 13 from 6-8pm. All are welcome.  For further information, contact Mike Wallace at (206) 543-7390 or the Polar Science Center at (206) 543-6613.  In lieu of flowers or gifts, donations may be made to the Kaplan Research Fund, c/o Swedish Medical Center Foundation, 747 Broadway, Seattle, WA  98122.

Laramie Jensen 

Post Doctoral Scholar


Jim Johnson

Senior Field Engineer

Ian Joughin

Senior Principal Engineer;
Affiliate Professor, Earth and Space Sciences

Karen Junge

Senior Oceanographer

Michalea King

Senior Research Scientist

Ron Kwok
Research Scientist/Engineer – Principal

Kristin Laidre

Principal Oceanographer

Bonnie Light

PSC Chair

Senior Principal Physicist and Affiliate Assistant Professor, Atmospheric Sciences

Ron Lindsay

Senior Principal Physicist (Retired)

Zheng Liu

Research Scientist

Jamie Morison

Senior Principal Oceanographer
Affiliate Professor, Oceanography

Dick Moritz

Principal Oceanographer (Retired)

Monica Orellana

Principal Oceanographer

Eric Regehr

Principal Quantitative Ecologist

Ignatius Rigor

Senior Principal Mathematician

Axel Schweiger

Senior Principal Scientist

Daniel Shapero

Research Scientist

Ben Smith

Principal Physicist

Mike Steele

Senior Principal Oceanographer

Harry Stern

Principal Mathematician

Jennifer Stern

Research Assistant

Dean Stewart

Senior Field Engineer

Tyler Sutterley

Senior Research Scientist

Leilani Swafford

Program Operations Specialist

Alan Thorndike died on Jan 8, 2018 from an aggressive pneumonia. He was 72 years old. For those of you who don’t know, Alan was one of the original AIDJEX gang and founding PIs of PSC. Working with Drew Rothrock, he developed the concept of the thickness distribution that is at the heart of most sea ice models.

Melinda Webster 

Principal Research Scientist/Engineer

Dale Winebrenner

Senior Principal Physicist;
Research Professor, Astrobiology Program and Earth & Space Sciences

Nick Wogan

Research Assistant

Rebecca Woodgate

Senior Principal Oceanographer;
Associate Professor, Oceanography

Yanling Yu

Senior Oceanographer- Retiree

Jinlun Zhang

Senior Principal Oceanographer