• Arctic System Science, NSF

Collaborative Research: Spatiotemporal variability of solar radiation partitioning in the sea ice system: improving climate models using observations from the MOSAiC field campaign; Principal Investigator.            

  • UNSOL_FY2022, NASA

The seasonal cycle of Arctic snow depth from ICESat-2: linkages to summer freeboards and albedo; PI

  • DE-FOA-0002414: Biological and Environmental Research, DOE

How snow drives the seasonal evolution of land and sea surface albedos in the Alaskan high Arctic; Co-I.

  • Engineer Research & Development Center: Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory

Observing and Predicting Coastal Sea Ice Stability & Trafficability; Co-Investigator.

  • NNH19ZDA001N-IDS: Interdisciplinary Research in Earth Science, NASA

Investigating the Fate of Sea Ice & Interactions with the Polar Atmosphere in the “New Arctic”; Co-Investigator.

  • NNH18ZDA001N-PMMST: Precipitation Measurement Missions (PMM) Science Team, NASA 

Using GPM in an Optimal Estimation Lagrangian Framework (OELaF) to quantify moisture transport in Arctic Cyclones; Co-Investigator.

  • NNH19ZDA001N-ATDM: Weather & Atmospheric Dynamics, NASA

Improving Understanding of Precipitation Events in the Arctic; Principal Investigator.

  • NNH17ZDA001N-TASNPP: The Science of TERRA, AQUA, and SUOMI NPP, NASA 

Refinement and Enhancement of the Terra and Aqua MODIS and Suomi NPP VIIRS Cryosphere Algorithms and Data Products; Co-Investigator.

  • NNH17ZDA001N-NIP: New (Early Career) Investigator Program in Earth Science, NASA 

Assessing & improving the seasonal capability of ICESat-2 data for sea ice research; Principal Investigator.