Release History

PIOMAS Sea Ice Volume Release History:

Version 1.0,  March 15, 2010,  Assimilation of Ice Concentration, Ice Strength  following  Rothrock (1975) and  Hibler (1980)
Version 2.0, June 15, 2011,     Assimilation of SST and Ice Concentration, Uncertainty Estimates, Ice Strength following  Hibler (1979)

Version 2.1 Feb 7,2014, Error in assimilation routine identified and data from 2010-2013 reprocessed.

We identified a programming error in a routine that interpolates ice concentration data prior to assimilation. The error only affected data from 2010-2013. These data have been reprocessed and are now available as version 2.1. Ice thickness is generally greater in the Beaufort Chukchi Sea area with the largest differences in thickness during May. Differences in ice volume are up to 11% greater in late spring.

Figure1 1.  shows the differences in volume between Version 2.0 and Version 2.1 (click to enlarge)




Figure 2. Shows differences in ice thickness between version 2.0 and version 2.1 (click to enlarge)