Wenli Zhong

zhong_wenliWenli Zhong is a visiting scholar from the Ocean University of China, in Qingdao. His focus is Arctic Ocean circulation. Wenli’s graduate studies concentrated on the variability of the Beaufort Gyre, a large scale of ocean circulation in the Beaufort Sea, and its impact on the Arctic Ocean and beyond. He is currently collaborating with Mike Steele and Jinlun Zhang, examining the downwelling/upwelling process of the Beaufort Gyre, from (data) observations.

Wenli has read many papers authored by PSC researchers throughout his academic career. He was drawn to the large sum of data collected by PSC over time that could be useful for his work. This is Wenli’s first time doing research abroad and he is excited to be in Seattle. Wenli’s Ph.D. advisor Dr. Jinping Zhao encouraged the opportunity. Dr. Zhao is a current collaborator with PSC and was once a visiting scholar as well.

In his leisure time, Wenli enjoys playing soccer and hiking.

To find out more about Wenli and read some of his articles go to www.researchgate.net/profile/Wenli_Zhong