Sarah Dewey

Sarah DeweySarah Dewey is a doctoral candidate in physical oceanography at UW’s School of Oceanography. Under the supervision of Dr. Jamie Morison, she researches the seasonal ice zone in the Beaufort Gyre ocean circulation system north of Alaska. Extending from the ice-covered ocean to the open water, the seasonal ice zone occupies a complicated intersection of ocean, atmosphere, and ice physics. To understand these processes, Sarah conducts fieldwork as part of the Seasonal Ice Zone Reconnaissance Surveys (SIZRS) program at the Polar Science Center; working with the United States Coast Guard, PSC researchers deploy measurement probes from aircraft flying above the Arctic Ocean’s surface.




Sarah arrived at the Polar Science Center in 2012 from the Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere and Ocean, where she worked with NOAA’s Global Tropical Moored Buoy Array group. She holds a Master’s of Science in Oceanography from the University of Washington and a Bachelor’s of Science in Geology & Geophysics from Yale University, where she was introduced to Arctic oceanography during a senior research project that employed ice-tethered profiler data.

Besides her passion for fieldwork, a background in journalism and environmental education has fed Sarah’s interest in science education and outreach. She volunteers regularly at city-wide events to share the work of the Polar Science Center with the Seattle community.



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