David Shean

David Shean is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Earth and Space Sciences with PSC advisor Ian Joughin.  His current research relies on satellite/airborne/UAS remote sensing observations to study ice dynamics and mass balance in Antarctica, Greenland, and the Pacific Northwest.

David received his Sc.B. in Geology-Physics/Mathematics (2004) and Sc.M. in Geology (2006) from Brown University.  While at Brown, he performed experiments on NASA’s microgravity research aircraft and conducted geophysical surveys on glaciers in the Transantarctic Mountains.  His early research involved documenting past glaciation and evidence for climate change on Mars.  In 2006, he worked in Yellowstone National Park, doing field work and procesing/analyzing historical aerial photographs to study dynamic hydrothermal features.  David then worked in the Dept. of Earth Sciences at Boston University, where he performed additional fieldwork in the Transantarctic Mountains.  More recently, David spent several years as a member of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter CTX/MARCI science operations team while working for Malin Space Science Systems, Inc in San Diego, CA.  He is excited about the return to terrestrial science with the opportunity to continue pondering open questions about Mars and other icy bodies in the Solar System.

In his free time, David enjoys traveling, hiking, photography, catching flying discs, and growing/eating vegetables.

Selected Publications


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