Sarah Bercovici

Sarah is a biogeochemist researching the role of biophysical interactions in the ocean’s carbon cycle.

Before joining Monica Orellana in PSC, Sarah earned her doctorate in Ocean Sciences, with a focus on biogeochemistry, out of the University of Miami. Sarah’s doctorate research focus was on dissolved organic carbon in the deep ocean. In her advisor Dennis Hansell’s lab, Sarah honed her biogeochemistry skills, researching dissolved organic matter along Antarctic shelves, and in the Southern, Indian, and Pacific Oceans. An Antarctic cruise in 2013 piqued her curiosity in polar science. 

Working with Monica, Sarah studies the role of marine microgels in the ocean’s dissolved organic carbon pool. Sarah will be out in the field, investigating microgels to understand of how polymer size affects the assembly of marine microgels and thus how it affects the deep dissolved organic carbon pool. Sarah’s first stop to collect data is the Gulf of Alaska. 

In Sarah’s free time, she enjoys exploring Seattle by bike.

Selected Publications

  • Bercovici, S.K., B. Huber, H.B. Dejong, R. B. Dunbar, D.A. Hansell (2017) Dissolved Organic Carbon in the Ross Sea: Deep Enrichment and Export. Limnology and Oceanography, doi: 10.1002/lno.10592