Regina Carns

Regina is a joint Research Associate in conjunction with the Polar Science Center and UW’s Future of Ice program. She is a geophysicist and astrobiologist researching radiative transfer in the Arctic. Regina completed her Ph.D. in Earth and Space Sciences (2015), supervised by Dr. Stephen Warren. Her Ph. D. research measured and modeled albedos of ice surfaces on the oceans of Snowball Earth.

Regina gained some valuable field research experience prior to earning her doctorate. She joined her now supervisor, Dr. Bonnie Light, on various expeditions; taking albedo measurements in Antarctica along with measuring optical properties of sea ice in the fjords near Longyearbyen, Norway. Some in the polar research community know Regina as the unofficial Poet Laureate of the International Glaciological Society, having recited her own verse and lyrics at numerous events. Regina is a Science Communication Fellow at the Pacific Science Center, a role she began as a grad student, effectively engaging the public with talks and activities explaining her research and other scientific topics. Regina is also an exoplanet enthusiast and occasionally teaches for the Software Carpentry Foundation.

While in PSC, Regina will continue her research in Arctic radiative transfer in all aspects, from modeling and lab work to instrument development and field testing. More information about Regina’s work is available at her website,


Selected Publications