Full Project List

NASA High Mountain Asia (NASA HiMAT)

This project aims to quantify historic and future spatial/temporal variability in climate, hydrology and the cryosphere over the High Mountain Asia (HMA) region. Our group is focused on using GRACE data to validate modeling and remote sensing estimates of the full water balance of the region. Visit our website.

NASA Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE)

As members of the GRACE science team, our group is working to develop improved methods for quantifying the water budget of high alpine regions from GRACE.

NASA Citizen Science

This project will leverage activities of recreational communities in Alaska to acquire validation data for snow hydrology models. Visit our website.

NASA ACCESS: A Community Platform for big data science

We are designing and testing new computing architectures to store and analyze large remote sensing and gridded data products for geoscientific workflows. This project is motivated by NASA’s ongoing transition to serve remote sensing datasets using the commercial cloud.

Open-source geospatial education

We are designing tutorial content and open-space hackathon sessions to foster geospatial education and software development. Each year we host Geohackweek at the UW eScience Institute.