Adjunct and Affiliate Scientists

Bitz, CeciliaAdjunct, UW Atmos. Science
Deming, JodyAdjunct, UW Oceanography
Ding, QinghuaAffiliate, UCSB Earth Research Institute
Dutrieux, PierreAffiliate, Columbia LDEO
Frantz, CarieAffiliate, Weber State University
Grenfell, ThomasAdjunct, UW Atmos. Science
Krembs, ChristopherAffiliate, WA Dept. of Ecology
Lilly, JonathanAffiliate, NW Research Associates
Mills, CatrinAffiliate, PNW National Laboratory
McPhee, MilesAffiliate, McPhee Research Corp
Moon, TwilaAffiliate, NSIDC, U of Colorado, Boulder
Muench, RobinAffiliate, Earth& Space Research
Sylvester, JohnAdjunct, UW Math
Thorndike, AlanAffiliate, UPS/Physics Dept.
Weingartner, ThomasAffiliate, Inst/Marine Sci./UA/Fairbanks


The Polar Science Center is a group of dedicated investigators conducting interdisciplinary research on the oceanography, climatology, meteorology, biology and ecology of the ice-covered regions on Earth and elsewhere in the solar system. Learn more »