Seasonal Trend Maps

For each set of maps the top left shows the median for the ensemble and each of the other maps shows the trend for each reanalysis product. The color code is constant across the seasons. Spring is March, April, May; Summer is June, July, August; Fall is September, October November; and Winter is December, January, February. The period analyzed is 1980-2009.

Units are on the color bar. The solid black contour lines mark the 99% confidence interval and the dashed lines the 95% interval.

  Spring Summer Fall Winter
Ice Concentration
Sea Level Pressure
Skin Temperature
2-m Temperature
2-m Specific Humidity
2-m Relative Humidity
Zonal mean 10-m wind
Meridonal mean 10-m wind
Sensible Heat Flux
Latent Heat Flux
Top Downwelling Shortwave Flux
Top Upwelling Shortwave Flux
Surface Downwelling Shortwave Flux
Surface Upwelling Shortwave Flux
Top Upwelling Longwave Flux
Surface Downwelling Longwave Flux
Surface Upwelling Longwave Flux
Precipitable Water
1000 mb Height
925 mb Height
850 mb Height
700 mb Height
500 mb Height
300 mb Height
200 mb Height
100 mb Height
1000 to 925 hPa Temperature
925 to 850 hPa Temperature
850 to 700 hPa Temperature
700 to 500 hPa Temperature
500 to 300 hPa Temperature
300 to 200 hPa Temperature