AGU Fall Meeting 2016





More than 24,000 Earth and space scientists, educators, students, and other leaders around the world gather at the AGU Fall Meeting each year in San Francisco, California to interact with colleagues, present and discuss scientific advances, and cultivate their enthusiasm for science.

The 2016 meeting takes place Monday 12 – Friday 16 December 2016.

Below is a list of PSC research presenters and panel members in the 2016 Fall Meeting Program:

08:00 – 12:20A11G-0098 The dependence of Arctic cloud on the synoptic conditions in the Beaufort and Chukchi seasonal ice zone
Moscone South- Poster HallZheng Liu, Axel J B Schweiger
09:45 – 10:00G11C-08 Proxy representation of Arctic Ocean Bottom Pressure: Bridging gaps in GRACE measurements
Moscone West-2002Cecilia Peralta Ferriz, James Morison and John M Wallace
10:20 – 12:20C12B-01 Studying Elevation Change in the Bellingshausen Sector of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet
Moscone West- 3007Allen Pope, Ben Smith, Heather Regan, Paul Holland and Deborah R Shoosmith
11:50 – 12:05C12B-07 In-situ GPS records of surface mass balance, firn compaction rates, and ice-shelf basal melt rates for Pine Island Glacier, Antarctica
Moscone West- 3007David E Shean, Knut Christianson, Kristine M Larson, Stefan Ligtenberg, Ian R Joughin, Ben Smith and Christopher Stevens
13:40 – 18:00C13C Observing and Understanding Changes in Polar Ice Sheets and Glaciers Using Ground, Airborne, and Satellite Remote Sensing II Posters
Moscone South- Poster HallCoveners: Eric J Rignot, Michael Studinger, Isabella Velicogna, and Benjamin E Smith
13:40 – 18:00C13C-0835 Seasonal variability in ice-front position, glacier speed, and surface elevation at Helheim Glacier, SE Greenland, from 2010-2016
Moscone South- Poster HallLaura M Kehrl, Ian R Joughin and David E Shean
13:40 – 18:00C13C-0845 Complex patterns of 21st century Greenland outlet glacier change
Moscone South- Poster HallTwila A Moon, Mark A Fahnestock, Ted Scambos, and Ian R Joughin
13:40 – 18:00B13C-0577 Geochemical heterogeneity of rivers draining the Canadian Arctic Archipelago
Moscone South- Poster HallMatthew B Alkire, Andrew D Jacobson, Gregory O Lehn, Robie W Macdonald and Matthew W Rossi
13:40 – 18:00C13D Remote Sensing of Glaciers II Posters
Moscone South- Poster HallConveners: Andreas Kääb, Alex S Gardner and Anthony A Arendt
13:40 – 18:00C13C-0855 Multi-Decadal and High-Resolution Observations of Greenland Outlet Glacier Dynamics from the Greenland Ice Mapping Project (GIMP)
Moscone South- Poster HallMichalea D King, Ian Howat, Seongsu Jeong, Ian R Joughin, Benjamin E Smith and Ted A Scambos
16:00 – 16:15C14C-01 Inter-annual Variability in Snow Accumulation using Ground-Penetrating Radar on Wolverine and Gulkana glaciers, Alaska: Implications for Glacier Mass Balance Modeling
Moscone West- 3009Daniel McGrath, Louis Sass, Chris McNeil, Esther Babcock, Salvatore G Candela, Shad O’Neel, Anthony A Arendt and Hans-Peter Marshall
08:00 – 08:15C21D-01 A linked lake system beneath Thwaites Glacier, West Antarctica reveals an efficient mechanism for subglacial water flow
Moscone West- 3007Benjamin E Smith, Noel Gourmelen, Alexander Huth and Ian R Joughin
08:00 – 12:20C21B-0688 Ice-sheet Temperature Around Subglacial Lake Vostok Constrained by New Flowband Modeling
Moscone South- Poster HallPaul M. S. Kintner, Dale P Winebrenner, and Michelle R Koutnik
08:00 – 12:20IN21B-1732 Fast Deployment on the Cloud of Integrated Postgres, API and a Jupyter Notebook for Geospatial Collaboration
Moscone South- Poster HallRob Fatland, Amanda Tan and Anthony A Arendt
08:00 – 12:20C21C Variability in the Arctic and Antarctic: Sea Ice, Ocean, and Atmosphere Interactions I Posters
Moscone South- Poster HallAmy Solomon, James O Pope, Michael Steele, Chelle L Gentemann, and Marilyn N Raphael
08:00 – 12:20C21C-0720 Characterizing “Rotten” Ice: Changes in first-year Arctic sea ice during advanced summer melt
Moscone South- Poster HallCarie Marie Frantz, Karen Junge, Bonnie Light, Monica V Orellana, Shelly Carpenter, Samuel M Farley, Byron C Crump, Ross Lieb-Lappen and Zoe Courville
08:00 – 12:20C21A-0658 Changes in Arctic Sea Ice Thickness and Floe Size
Moscone South- Poster HallJinlun Zhang, Axel J B Schweiger, Harry L Stern III and Michael Steele
17:15 – 17:30EP24C-06 An automated, open-source (NASA Ames Stereo Pipeline) workflow for mass production of high-resolution DEMs from commercial stereo satellite imagery: Application to mountain glacies in the contiguous US (Invited)
Moscone West- 2003David E Shean, Anthony A Arendt, Erin Whorton, Jon L Riedel, Shad O’Neel, Andrew G Fountain and Ian R Joughin
08:00 – 10:00C31D Variability in the Arctic and Antarctic: Sea Ice, Ocean, and Atmosphere Interactions II
Moscone West- 3009Conveners: Chelle L Gentemann, Michael Steele, Daniel Lee Feltham, Amy Solomon and James O Pope
08:00 – 12:20C31B-0753 Radiative Transfer Modeling to Estimate the Impact of CDOM on Light Absorption within Changing Arctic Sea Ice
Moscone South- Poster HallRegina Carns, Bonnie Light and Karen E Frey
08:00 – 12:20PP31B-2272 Allan Hills Pleistocene Ice Project (PIP)
Moscone South- Poster HallAndrei Kurbatov, Edward Brook, Seth W Campbell, Howard Conway, Nelia W Dunbar, John A Higgins, Nels Anton Iverson, Laura M Kehrl, William C. McIntosh, Nicole E Spaulding, Yuzhen Yan and Paul Andrew Mayewski
08:00 – 12:20C31B The Future of Ice in the Polar World: Using Past and Present Data to Prepare for Rapid Change Posters
Moscone South- Poster HallRegina Carns, Sarah E Myhre, Ethan G Hyland, and Carli A Arendt
08:45 – 09:00C31D-04 Influence of the recent high-latitude atmospheric circulation change on summertime Arctic sea ice
Moscone West- 3009Qinghua Ding, Axel J B Schweiger, Michelle L L’heureux, David S Battisti, Nathaniel C Johnson, Edward Blanchard-Wrigglesworth, Qin Zhang, Kirstin Harnos, Ryan M Eastman and Eric J. Steig
09:00 – 09:15C31D-05 “Rotten Ice”: Characterizing the Physical Properties of Arctic Sea Ice Under Conditions of Extreme Summer Melt (Invited)
Moscone West- 3009Bonnie Light, Carie Marie Frantz, Karen Junge, Monica V Orellana, Shelly Carpenter, Samuel M Farley, Ross Lieb-Lappen and Zoe Courville
10:20 – 12:20C32B Variability in the Arctic and Antarctic: Sea Ice, Ocean, and Atmosphere Interactions III
Moscone West- 3009Conveners:  James O Pope, Amy Solomon, Michael Steele, Chelle L Gentemann and Daniel Lee Feltham
13:40 – 13:55C33E-01 Straddling Interdisciplinary Seams: Working Safely in the Field, Living Dangerously With a Model (Invited)
Moscone West- 3009Bonnie Light and Andrew Roberts
14:55 – 15:10G33C-06 InSAR Constraints on the Deformation of Debris-Covered Glaciers in the Khumbu Region of Nepal (Invited) 
Moscone West- 2004David A Schmidt, Bernard Hallet, Adam D Barker, David E Shean and Howard Conway
15:25 – 15:40C33E-08 Arctic Sea Ice Classification and Mapping for Surface Albedo Parameterization in Sea Ice Modeling
Moscone West- 3009Son V Nghiem, Pablo Clemente-Colón, Donald K Perovich, Chris Polashenski, William R Simpson, Ignatius G Rigor, John Edward Woods, Dieu T Nguyen and Gregory Neumann
16:00 – 16:15C34A-01 The Phenology of Arctic Ocean Surface Warming
Moscone West- 3009Michael Steele and Suzanne Dickinson
16:30 – 16:45C34C-03 Monitoring glacier change: advances in cross-disciplinary research and data sharing methods (Invited)                  
Moscone West- 2000Anthony A Arendt, Shad O’Neel, Graham Cogley, David F Hill and Eran W Hood
08:00 – 12:20C41E-0718 Firn Thickness Changes (1982-2015) Driven by SMB from MERRA-2, RACMO2.3, ERA-Int and AVHRR Surface Temperature and the Impacts to Greenland Ice Sheet Mass Balance
Moscone South- Poster HallJun Li, Brooke Medley, Tom Neumann, Benjamin E Smith, Scott B Luthcke and H Jay Zwally
10:50 – 11:05C42A-03 Evolution of Crevasses Fed by Water from the East Greenland Firn Aquifer
Moscone West- 3009Kristin Poinar, Ian R Joughin, David Lilien, Ludovic Brucker, Laura M Kehrl and Sophie Nowicki
09:45 – 10:00C51E-08 Clean, Logistically Light Access to Explore the Closest Places on Earth to Europa and Enceladus (Invited)
Moscone West- 2020Dale P Winebrenner, W. Timothy Elam, Paul M. S. Kintner, Scott Tyler, and John S Selker
13:40 – 18:00C53A-0697 Past and present flow organization of the Greenland Ice Sheet  
Moscone South- Poster HallJoseph A MacGregor, Mark A Fahnestock, Ginny A Catania, Andy Aschwanden, William T Colgan, Ian R Joughin and Mathieu Morlighem
13:40 – 18:00C53C-0733 Bedform signature and sediment properties of a 20th century grounding line beneath Pine Island Ice Shelf, West Antarctica from high-resolution AUV data
Moscone South- Poster HallDamon Davies, Robert G. Bingham, Alastair G. C. Graham, Matteo Spagnolo, Pierre Dutrieux, Adrian Jenkins and David G Vaughan
14:25 – 14:40A53I-04 Evaluation and Improvement of Polar WRF simulations using the observed atmospheric profiles in the Arctic seasonal ice zone
Moscone West- 3002Axel J B Schweiger and Zheng Liu
16:15 – 16:30C54A-02 Rise in central west Greenland surface melt unprecedented over the last three centuries (Invited)
Moscone West- 3007Luke D Trusel, Sarah B Das, Matthew B Osman, Matthew Jared Evans, Ben Smith, Joe McConnell, Brice Noel and Michiel R van den Broeke